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Good evenign all!!

I think this site is like a big family, and families share. They share the good times and the bad times. We share all kinds of things: Anna's sales, adventures in the world of work and daycare, laundry, cleaning, thrifty finds, moving, and kids with germs, kids with boo boos, and my finding some wild and crazy deals. And like a large extended family, we are all at different places at the same time. But we all wish each other well, send prayers and advice.

None of us are in a perfect place, not in the neighborhoods where we live, or in our financial lives. And that is one reason we are here, on this site - trying to find ways to make it a little more comfortable for ourselves. We have found that by sharing, and caring, we are.

Personally, I hope that by reporting all the great coupon buys I get, it will inspire more people to use them, consistently. And use them to be able to give more to others. I would like to be able to do more rebates, and I look for opportunities in this area all the time. And I am still not as dedicated to couponing, as I would like to be. I search for the coupons that I think I need, and I sometimes let go of the ones I really need. I also get a number of items that I am sure I will use, and sometimes forget to get more for others who could use the same thing, and cannot afford them.

Well ladies, better go for now. I have to get some sleep. After all, tomorrow will be Friday. I can hardly wait for the work week to be over. Maybe I can get some things doen around here.

Take care all!! Norma