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Patrice, I'm sorry you are having trouble getting care for Lea. As for the church program discriminating against special needs--I see it a different way. I have taught in church schools and my kids go to one now. There just are no resources for special needs kids, who so often need extra personnel and sometimes equipment in order for them to have their needs met. Small settings just don't have what it takes to meet those needs and it is really unfair to the special needs child to place them in a setting where their needs can't be met. I know you keep up on Lea's needs; some parents don't and they try to place them in an environment where it can't be handled. It's heartbreaking for the teacher who is trying, and just can't. So I hope it all works out well for you.

As for the bike--did you consider posting a WANTED on freecycle for a bike rack? You could put it on top of the trunk and have your stuff in it.

Ldyroper, good luck with your upcoming move too!
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