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Moving, wow so many of us are moving!!!

Ldyroper, I think you are a true mom in choosing your son. I wish there were more women like you who cared about their kids as much.

Moving-I won't be bringing much, I am bringing the cat-(we just got him a few weeks ago), the hamsters, Lea's new bike-(which will take nearly all of the space in our trunk), our clothes, very little of her toys, the microwave, coffee maker, toaster, etc. some things like blankets, and a few things that we have but nothing else. Our car is too small, its a Buick LeSabre. Most of our important things are at my sister's house in Colorado anyway. We'll get it as soon as we can. But, everything else has to go, everything!!! I'm gonna replace everything when we get there. My friend is gonna give me a table and chairs. I am taking a blow-up cot for Lea, I have no ideal where I'll sleep. We'll be staying with my friend and her family in their apartment until we find a place. She has openings in her building. She wants us directly next door but I need my space and sanity. I wouldn't mind being in the same building...I'll have to get used to being in an apartment again. Rent is like $1,200 up there...gesh. My rent is less than $400 and I have an entire house and two HUGE lawns that take me 2 hrs to mow, and theres a swingset that comes with the house. But, we'll have to give up something to have's better to have a stable job and to have someone to watch my child.

I don't know if I posted that I was at my new department, Reservations, at the same job and nearly lost it Friday because I told them I had no family here and I had to drop her off at a drop-off center which doesn't open until 9:00 which is when we work on Saturdays and my new boss had a fit on me, saying that when she asked me in my interview if I had a problem working Saturdays and I said no, that basically I wasn't being truthly, despite the fact that in the other department I was used to them knowing that I had to do that to work and they just told me to come as soon as possible. And so she told me that this is a different department and that she felt that I had to be there from across town-(with no straight shots at all), in 10 minutes and that's what she was gonna give me. I was in shock and scared to death, again that I would lose my job, despite doing VERY well, in both my first and second week in the Reservations dept. I went to the daycare that Saturday and the Daycare woman didn't come until 9:00 and then she couldn't find her keys. So, I called and my new boss said she'd talk to me when I got there. So, I didn't get to work until 9:30. I thought she was gonna fire me but she said that things happen and don't make it a habit...and then I had to worry because Lea was out of school next week, thank goodness I have found something good for her. But, I really hope this interview with this other job-(which was postponed for tomorrow), will work out so I can leave that place and hopefully save up a little more money.

But, also good news, a friend of mine told me that the place next to my current job has a church program which was $10 a wk. $20 if you need before/aftercare. I went and signed up but she almost wasn't able to go because she's Special Needs. Yes, they have it on there form that they don't take special needs kids. Well, my dd is definately Special needs, she is Adhd/Bipolar/and they believe she is Aspergers syndrome as well. She is on Strattera which is a 24hr ADHD med that is working very well for her. I was shocked that they would discriminate like that. They accepted her though, so even if I stay at my current job, she will be cared for and it won't cost me as much and they'll provide breakfast and lunch. If I stay at my current job, I won't have to pay for before/aftercare. If I get this other job I will. I am hoping that this new job will fit into a schedule I can work with and has either more hours at the same rate of pay or is more money-(so I can save up more money for my move)-than I'll go there, if not, I'll stay at my extremely boring job in Reservations where sometimes we have gotten 2 calls per hour- I do like it though boring, I nearly fell asleep yesterday, I do like what I'm doing but I would prefer more money and more stability and hopefully not having to work weekends where I have the hardest time finding daycare.