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I did some stock up shopping at CVS this morning and picked up 2) 12.6 oz Joy for $.39 each, 3) Deodarants for $1.28 each (2 Ban, 1 Degree), 1) 6 dbl roll Angel Soft pack for $1.49, 24 ct Pepsi for $4.89, and the manager subbed 2) 16.5 oz Coco Puffs for the $.99 7 oz sale price since they were sold out and wouldn't be getting in any more.

When I go to the grocery I'll redeem 5 free coupons for meal bars that they were out of stock of last week.

I was able to find 300 animal stickers for $3.00, and got 240 wipes for $6.49 which I signed up to donate for VBS in June.

I'll be popping in the oven soon the thawed turkey breast for dinner so we will eating turkey for several days LOL.

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