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I missed the shower cleaner recipe. Where is it?

When I am done upstairs then I will need to tackle the basement. It is soooo bad, you can barely walk to the sewing machine. I really hope, IF I ever get to move to have a sewing/art/craft room and a den/library/homeschool room. Of course I would like these rooms to be BIG. I think no matter what, I will need another file cabinet. Where to put it is the problem. We bought my grandmothers mission sideboard eons ago with the agreement I can only sell it to a family member. Really dh did this when I was in the hospital after having ds. Since there isn't a hutch on top, there isn't enough room for my china and crystal. I do have a old old china hutch in the basement. It was left here by the previous owners. I should refinish it. Thick off white enamel paint....

Bad news over the weekend. Now workmans comp says dh's shoulder isn't covered. The doctor says it is but the insurance says no. Guess we have a bunch of medical bills to pay on now.
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