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Frugal wedding ideas!

I have been married for 5 1/2 years and have just a couple of frugal tips!

DH has done wedding cakes before which can be extremely expensive. A good tip is, if your cake is going to be layered, have the bottom layers all styrofoam and the top layer an actual cake. The styrofoam can be decorated and nobody will ever have to know they are not real. Because they take the cake somewhere else to cut it up, order sheet cakes for that. So the bride and groom can cut the "real" cake which is just the top and the the guests are served sheet cakes. It is also a better guarantee that the cake won't spill or **** during delivery to the event. The frosting sticks better to the styrofoam.
Also, when we did our flowers for the wedding we lucked out with finding someone who did it as a hobby. We had all of our flowers done for under $100.
Best of luck!!!
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