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Happy ever-after!!!!

Try Golf Courses!

We had a graduation party for my daughter - which I know is not a wedding, but they told us that people had used it for that.


There are often places at a golf course other than tees and greens, and they are BEAUTIFULLY manicured - you don't expect guys to play in mud, do you? LOL!!!! They also usually have terraces or decks connected to function type rooms, so you have that as extra space, or you can use that for the ceremony. At first, the weather didn't cooperate, and it was raining when we got there, but then later the sun came out. If it does begin to sprinkle, you can go inside for the reception...

What is her favorite 'place'?
Beaches are nice depending on the season.
A local farm usually will let you use some of their field that is not planted.
Soccer field?
Football field?
Local Marina?
Local park or in Boston we have the Boston Botannical Garden - lots of people get married there.
A local rose garden or an estate sometimes let you use the grounds.
What about the local residence of the head of a church diocese. Their 'estates' are enormous and usually will allow the ceremony to take place there with a few witnesses.

Don't think about what is listed, think about where she can have pictures done at the same time. Or what her favorite scenic vista is. Or what she would like for a memory. It will be better if you can think of something unique instead of something that someone else has 'set up' for weddings.

Happy ever after to your princess and her prince!
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