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Meat On Top?

Originally posted by Blondie

Question--why is it recommended to put the veggies on the bottom of a crockpot? If you have a roast on top of them, doesn't it make the veggies mushy? What would happen if you reverse the positions of meat and veggies? Wouldn't the meat cook all right, or is it that the veggies would dry out on top?
I have a crockpot, but haven't used it very much, so don't have the experience most of you may have.

I think it is because the meat can release it juices better & not get too soupy. I try not to add more water than is needed. Some people feel it is better to brown the meat first before putting in the crockpot for color appearances. My Husband likes to see it this way. Roast come out different than in the oven more stringy. I like it for a change of pace. Make sure it is not to fatty if you are on a special diet. Sueanne
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