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crock pots

Jeanie - don't make it too hard on yourself. Crockpots are 'dump and run' dinners. Dump everything in it in the a.m., run around all day, and have a delicious hot dinner waiting when you come home.

Blondie - Maybe the veggies need to be on the bottom because they'll float when their cooked? Don't know exactly - I'd have to say that I don't always put them in the bottom - but I do make sure there's enough fluid to completely cover them. Sometimes some of them look a little dried out but once you cover them with a gravy they look just fine.

Here's a good beef soup recipe that makes a delicious dinner with a fresh loaf of bread and butter.

1 chuck roast (cheap) (I usually buy 2-3 lb)
1 bag frozen mixed veggies (green bean corn peas)
1 Chopped onion (I chop fine so kids can't find them !!!)
1 large can tomato juice (I think it's less than 1 quart size)
additional water to cover.

I cook it all day. When done remove meat and tear apart. Serve with noodles if desired. You could thicken a little if you'd like and make a stew like dinner. This is Especially delicious the next day. Soups and stews usually are!

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