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Wedding Planning Tips

It finally happened.....DD is engaged! I am getting a son-in-law!

I am so happy...he is already a part of our family as far as I am concerned!

Although they have not yet been able to set a date (he had to go back to work off-shore so they hope to get a date set when he returns), DD has been starting to look at bridal gowns, flowers and is trying to decide who her attendants will be.

Amanda was very timely with the following newsletter :

Frugality Corner: Wedding on a Budget

However, DD and I are already feeling the stress of plannning a wedding. I am very adamant that DD & DDF will make ALL the decisions regarding the wedding as it is THEIR day and not mine. I will offer my opinion and or advice if asked but will not push my choices or selections like I have seen so many brides' mothers do.

Although Amanda gave lots of useful tips in the newsletter, I was wondering of anyone had any other tips......I am thinking that the more tips, etc... that I can get to help DD, the less stress we will all feel. (I had my first panic attack over the wedding just yesterday!)

Also, DD has her heart set on an outdoor wedding. Actually, when we lived in Texas, she had dreamed of getting married on the beach. Anyway, we are having a hard time finding a place to hold an outdoor wedding that doesn't charge an arm & a leg to have it there. We have only found three places...listed under "Weddings" in the phone book. Surely, there has to be more places. Does anyone know how we can track them down?? Other words to use in trying to find them in the phone book?

Any & all help will be greatly appreciated.
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