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Since I have just had back to back surgeries, cervical fusions w/rods & rotator (?) cuff surgery, I have had to refrain from excercise, but dh order both beginning yoga & the Gunner ball for me. I get to start this week using them-gently. I work too many hours to go to rehab so we have to kind of do it ourselves.
But after not doing anything but recouping from surgeries & sitting behind desks for the last few years the only excersize I ever got was when we go scalloping-which is about 6-8 hrs of swimming/snorkling a day for 1 solid week & then a weekend here & there during the season July1 to Sept 1. So lately it's flab city but hopefully with the Gunner Ball workout & my yoga, I will firm up again & relieve so of this stress.
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