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CairalBe: Maybe the worst part of this disease is our loved ones refusing to believe we have this disease. They'd rather blame it on depression (they've heard about that) than some disease that hits you harder on one day then the next. I think maybe we have to accept our limitations, and then stop trying to explain it away over and over and over again. We know in our hearts we are doing the best we can. I think a sense of humor, a belief in a higher being, and a network of friends who understand that yesterday you said you'd go shopping with them but when you get up the next morning you just can't.

Stitcher45: I gave up sleeping in the same room and the same time a long time ago. We snuggle before he heads for bed. Then he heads for bed and I don't disturb him by tossing and turning and getting up 12 times a night.

Dolores: It takes added strength not to rely on some kind of medication and I applaud your determination. I think they do wear off after a certain period of time and then you have to try different ones and then watch for the side effects. Just don't be so brave you become immobile.

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