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heryl it sounds like you have had a rough day. Hope tomorrow is better.

No it is not just you whose family seem to feel that we are just making all this up. Mine does too or at least part of them do. any time I get upset because I am feeling bad they immediately stat in talking about my depression being back and do I need to go see my therapist or mu psych doc. They would rather blame my problems on my bipolar disorder rather than the physical problems of Fribromyalgia or Arthritis. My IBS is because I am depressed not because it is apart of Fribro. When I am not able to get the house cleaned up or the dishes done it is because I have had a lazy day and must be feeling depressed ti couldn't be because I hurt too much. Sound familiar. I have given up trying to convince them that it is really physical and I just let them carry on because I know that I am not just being lazy or that I am not just depressed. Yes I may be depressed but that is not the main thing that is wrong - I am depressed because I hurt.!!!!

Carie thanks for the warning about the herbs. I had thought I would try the same herb but hadn't gotten to the store to get it now I won't bother going ;-) It isn't fair that something that is supposed to work so well on autoimmune dieases shoud turn out to cause more problems. We should get a break sometimes. Right?

Leslie I am going to make a sign with your Mother's saying on it and hang it in my house. (maybe on the porch so that people will see that before they see my messy house. lol hahahahaha

Does anyone else have trouble with their family being on them because you can't go to bed and go to sleep like they can. My dh is always making me feel bed because I don't even bother to go to bed with him anymore since I am up againin 15 min hurting from laying down with him. I can sleep if I am hot and he wants the room warm. He just doesn't understand anymore.


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