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I was just wondering if it was me or that our loved ones think that we are really okay physically and that it is all in our mental minds. Seems that I want to do lots of things in the house as I used to do. But seems I can only stand up so long and stay mobile. Sometimes I want to scream out loud. At some of the things that I can no longer do; or just unable to do. I became disabled but not by choice. I can no longer sit long, walk far, and do my regular housework as I used to do. I do not care if the dishes are done, when I know they should be. Trying to walk places without having to sit between the stores. I get so :mad: and upset. Because my family members maybe thinking I am makin all this up. I am not. :mad: Now if I can find a doctor to listen to me the insurance companies will not cover all that I need done for me. Because this Fibro Myaglia is just not a disease or is just manifested by those who want attention. Good, bad, or indifferent; I am human, have hurts, pain and agony constantly. I can scream, but it will fall on deaf ears. So tired, so very tired of fighting a battle that is completely lost before I try to find out what is really and truly wrong with me. If it wasn't for my sense of humor I do not know what I would do. Also for my trust in God and my Lord and Savoir I wouldn't know what to do next. I also thank each and everyone of you for your stength in my time of weakness, your smiles when I am sad. Your encouragement when I feel there is no one who cares. But you all understand how it really is feeling so out of control. God Bless each and everyone of you. Because you are all my angels
here and so helpful when I feel I am sliding down more and more. You throw me an anchor to keep me in place. Thank you again for being there when I need you all so much. I appreciate this thread that I can never do this on my own and never want to do so. Bye now, Cheryl