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Fibromyalgia, etc...

Hello again, everyone!!

I am just beginning to feel a bit better, and have something very important to share with you.

I had recently been diagnosed with (besides fibro and about 3 other things!) Epstein-Barr Virus, so thought I was just feeling lousy because of that. Well, I have always been a proponent of using as much natural therapies as possible to treat illnesses, and thought I'd give Echinacea a try. This is an herbal supplement that boosts the immune system. I figured, well, my immune system could sure use a major boosting, just like everyone's could that have autoimmune diseases! So I ordered some quality Echinacea (from Puritans Pride -- they are great!) and began taking it once a day as directed. A few days after taking it I had my first flare-up: much more tired; increased pain everywhere; more confusion and "fibrofog"; decreased coordination; dizziness and extreme weakness. I felt so lousy that I just took the absolute bare minimum in foods and medications because my stomach was queasy along with this. A few days later I felt better and began my supplement routine, and of course the Echinacea. Well, three days later I was feeling as bad as I did before. I just happened to be reading a Reader's Digest from sometime either late last year or early this year and was in the "Health" section. There was a blurb on Echinacea, and there have been recent studies done on this herb, and the findings are that "people with autoimmune diseases such as fibromyalgia and rheumatoid arthritis should not take this supplement." Well, this made perfect sense so I immediately discontinued using it again. It is now 5 days later and I began feeling better yesterday.

People, please DO NOT take Echinacea!! It's too bad that something that sounds good would do us harm, but sometimes things are that way. There are many fine supplements that can be taken to help us get the nutrients we need. This also taught me to be much more selective and careful in doing my homework before just buying and taking a supplement because it sounded good!

I just wanted to make sure everyone knows about this. Please do not think that Echinacea is a bad herb -- I personally have good friends that are using it and it really does help, especially when coming down with a cold or flu. But those people do not have the health issues I have and so they do not have any problem with it.

I hope this helps someone from making the same mistake I did, and also that some of us (hopefully all!) are feeling a bit better with the arrival of warm weather.

It is late and I need to get my rest (such as it is...!). You all are in my prayers, and thanks so much for the great discussions and info we are exchanging here. It is really helpful and right now is a lifesaver for me personally!


Carie A., Oklahoma City