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I don't like it that kids are expected to know ALL THAT before even starting school.
Probably both my Big Kids knew most if not all of it; I can't remember now....but I do know that they were not pushed to know it. Nor do I want them to be. I know it's gotten a lot more demanding even since DD was in kindergarten (she's in 3rd now). By the time Luke gets there in 2 more years they'll probably be expected to touch type, tap dance, stand on their heads and cook a gourmet meal too

Coll, I'm a teacher (just because I'm not working now doesn't make me not a teacher ) and I agree with you 100%!! The kids are way too rushed! I think it really shows later on. I'd rather have things taken at a little slower pace, let them get a GOOD grasp of the basics and a love for learning and reading. After that they will naturally take off!
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