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I think in our district (Hempfield Area), they need to know alot more stuff than when the 2 older kids started kindergarten.

I think it is-
Know name, address, phone number, say the alphabet, recognoze the letters, tie shoes, but this isn't all that important.
Know shapes, colors and some numbers.

I think it is a bunch of baloney. Thatys what those teachers are paid for. To TEACH. I'll say that to anyone.

My son could read at 3 1/2. And read a newspaper and understand it at 4 1/2. I think the kids will learn at their own pace. I can't see pushing them.

If I had to know all that stuff when I started first grade, I would have been about 9 when I started. LOL. I couldn't spell my middle name until I was 8.

Thjey push too hard.

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