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JJOJ & Mrs. Maniac

Did you all hear where Smuckers was denied patenting rights for putting the crimps in the Uncrustables… how silly to even try.

Unfrugal today- the new “used” Cadillac needs a alternator. Dh priced them $121.00 for one with a 3 year warranty. He’s still calling to do price checking.

Frugal- He will install it himself.


Don’t you just love those kinds of deals where you end up getting it free? We used to have that a lot till Giant Eagle ran Big Bear groceries out of town, now everyone’s keeping their prices high. I did take advantage though and got tons of toothbrushes and toothpaste for either free or close to it. I am probably going to have major sticker shock when I see how much stuff has went up.

Good job on saving the bananas into banana nut bread.


Be sure to watch your bandaids if anyone in your house is allergic to latex. BandAir brand doesn’t have any that don’t have latex. The only brand we found is 3M NexCare. My dh’s allergic to latex so I have to watch for it hidden in a lot of things, bath mats, balloons, etc.

Well it’s almost time to me to go home, 1 hour and 15 minutes to go. Will talk with you all again soon.