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I had forgot to mention I jotted down that mylanta/benadryl recipe--hopefully I'll never have to use it, but it's definitely a handy piece of info to have!!

CAGmomof2, my 7th anniversary is this Sunday. Happy Anniversary to you, and I wish you many more to come. I'm wondering if dh and I will make it to #8--it's looking doubtful right now.

Frugal today: walking to town to do my errands. Hanging the laundry. And finally got around to "organizing"(HA!) the pantry. I now have a good idea of what's in there to work with, and will tell dh to stay out of it lol!! He doesn't do it on purpose, but he always fixes himself something to eat that was supposed to be dinner and it throws off the plan.
Also bought dh tobacco and papers to roll his own smokes for the week. I opted out of buying some for me because I'm trying to quit again, which is waaaay frugal lol!!
Not frugal: spent extra at the grocery store. Not on junk, though, but stuff I'll be needing. It was on sale and I saved a lot by getting now as opposed to when I'll be out next week and having to pay full price.