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Good Morning Everyone

Frugal for us: We paid our state income taxes on Monday so we wouldn’t run the risk of being penalized by not having them in on time. We saved back money when we got our federal income tax refund to pay the state. We also saved back money to pay our yearly vet bills for the dogs. Wish there’d been more to save back but we bought our car so that took the rest of it.

I will be so happy this time next year, we will have our loans and truck paid off , what a long road this has been and hope the truck will last another 5-10 years before we have to go in debt again for a new one. Then we start getting major work done on the house, new roof, etc. that should last us till retirement time when the house will be paid off. Frugal is having a plan in place of knowing what we want done, how we’ll pay for it and shopping around for both good pricing and reputable folks to do the work.


Sorry I couldn’t help with your question yesterday on consignment clothing stores. I should have suggested you post your clothes on our FC garage sale forum also ebay is a good alternative. Do you have a digital camera? You can post pictures on the garage sale forum too. The only restrictions is you must have 100 posts to sell a item and each item should be under $20.00. If you have any questions on how or where to post, just let me know as I’m the moderator of that forum.

I went to the grocery store last night after I made our dinner and only bought one item not on my list and it’s a weekly item I buy anyway.. just would’ve bought it this weekend instead of yesterday. Now that summer is here, I may try varying my shopping trips to on Mondays instead of the weekends when it’s so busy. That way I can enjoy my weekends more instead of running from store to store and taking up all my free time.

I need to start working on stocking up my blue jean purses again as sales start picking up at our mall. I finally sold my Elvis purse I had down there, it was so cute had a pink cadillac on it. I want to make some this summer using a material I bought last year with fish on it, maybe put a lighthouse on the outside (appliques). My best sellers are my USA and Go Bucks purses but it's fun to do other patterns too.

Well guess I better close this off for now.. hope everyone has a great weekend. Weather in Ohio is beautiful again today although a little cool, in the 60’s for the high today but hey after below zero and snow… I’ll definitely take it.