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Good morning, everyone!
Mrs. Maniac, good job making the peanut butter sandwiches and hope you get some great deals tomorrow. Sorry you have to pay on taxes. Good for you not to let it get you down.
Norma, that is really sweet of you to not charge the lady for gas. It sounds like you have been a good friend to her, especially when she needs one.
Well, lets see- today will probably not be too frugal. I am getting Dh's birthday present today and we are also going out to eat. I want his day to be special for him even though it won't be the most frugal. I have to grocery shop today as well as pick up library books. So, I should be able to save in gas by doing everything in one trip. Frugal also, will be buying most all of our groceries from Aldi. Happy Friday and I'll talk to you all later!