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Hi Everyone. Just got onto this site and was thrilled to find other dog lovers. Dogs are the finest psychiatrists, mental health counselors, protectors, and all around best buddies. I've got three, Daisy, a 15-year old miniature sheltie. Use to be the best watch dog in the neighborhood, but alas, she just sleeps most of the time now. She does sit guard at the front door when it's open (glass which lets in the sun to warm her back), but she's retired now. The "Kids", Miss Lucy, a 2-year old coonhound and Mickey, a 2-year old shepherd mix, have taken over Daisy's duties for protection and mental health. They all have been fed Pedigree for their entire lives with no ill-effects. They are allowed very little people food, however, once a week, I cook up all the vegetables left over along with a pound of chicken gizzards/liver/hearts in broth-flavored rice. And they all love carrots or any vegetable that crunches. Mickey loves broccoli, lettuce and cabbage, though I limit the cabbage to a few small strips. I make them dog treats from the coonhound web site: They are expecially crazy about the liver treats.
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