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Linda - so we really do have a lot in common, I thought we might.
funny you mentioned disability it is the "d" word( I don't say) I'm also too stubborn and proud for my own good. I am at a point where I am considering it for the 1st time after 12 years. Really thinking about hiring a lawyer and filling. In the last 8 mo I've done a little freelance design on computer and by hand some jewelry illustration professionally, but my hands repeatedly cramp up.. but haven't had a steady paycheck in 1 yr. Nov. 1st.. I can no longer do fine work silversmithing,goldsmithing,or beadwork. since 1996. Now illustration by hand is difficult and I made my living as an illustrator and graphic designer for over 21 yrs. With factory work or work at printing plants thrown in when the designing wasn't full time. Switched to retail sales of jewelry about 3 yrs. ago but can't spend 6-10 hrs. on my feet anymore with only 1- 30 min.break. I've applied various retail jewelers and even clerical desk jobs places but I think my medical history is starting to catch up with me record wise. So I'm considering applying and should have considered it 6 or 7 yrs. ago. I'm confused about something what if you think you are only 60% disabled not totally, do they pro-rate the amount? I can accept saying to my self "Yes the strength, dexterity,and fine motor coordination is down 60-70% in my hands.and 40-50% in my legs."but I have a problem with the "d" word. My husband has a serious heart condition and if he was 'gone' I had better consider it for my kids sake. I can't support them anymore. I've got 3 diagnosed autoimmune conditions including fibro. and after the diagnosis of Sjorgrens last Feb. It may be time to throw in the towel so to speak. I think I have a chance with the RA and the Sjorgrens - I'm not sure with just the fibro there seems to be still alot of difficulty collecting SSI. I know it would take at least 2 to 5 yrs. to collect. What is the verdict in what to expect has anyone had a similar diagnosis and experience in MO?


Hey everyone! I forgot to post my favorite saying about housework and why to do only what you can when you can.
My mom for years had this in calligraphy in her kitchen
"Dull Women have Immaculate Homes"

I have to start dinner and switch the laundry. I'll post next after vacation get back to you in about a week.