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Wow the support is way cool

Got on the puter this morn and read all the posts since I was last here and was so happy to see all the encouragement going on. Way cool.

To Leslie 9220, I have been diagnosed about as long as you have and there are times when the dh seems to show compassion and other times he is more curtious to strangers than his own wife. When I was first struggling with this and the drs said it was all in my head was the worst. My dh would give me this attitude like "get over it". That's when I wished something similiar would happen to him. But as the years progressed and I realized how devistating this disease is, I decided I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy. So now I've decided that when we get a little older, I'll just hide his glasses and false teeth. Maybe his clean socks too. I hope the book on reflexology helps. If you don't have the hand strength to do your own feet, maybe a golf ball or something small that you could stand and put pressure on would work. Let us all know if it helps.

We all have our bad days and the nice thing about this thread is maybe one of the others of us is having a not so bad day so we can offer sympathy and encouragement to them. I love this thread, I love this site, I love Amanda. Without her I would still be struggling alone.

Treadmills and jacuzzis would make all our lives more bearable. Why can't they be tax deducted? We would have them for medical reasons but when I asked my Dr for a prescription she said she'd be wasting her time because only the "rich" get away with it. What's rich got to do with it? Do they think only the rich get fms? Give me a break.

I am routing for all the ladies trying to get on disability. Unfortunately right now I can't afford to quit my job and try to apply because my son and son in law are out of work, but I tell you it's a real struggle to keep enough mental power to keep my job. Of course if my boss keeps coming after me because of the stress I won't have a choice. But I'm a pretty mule headed old lady and once I put my mind to something, nobody gets in my way. Kind of like a woman on a mission.

Pamtanise, parks and recreation center for only $40.00 a year. Way cool. A bargin at half the price.

Lifestar and Janet, you have been there for us, its the least we can do to be there for you when you need us. Even if you don't need us, I'll be around. This site is way too cool to miss out on anything. If ever I miss a few days, don't think I'm having a really bad flareup, just think, she's out there in her chainmaille dancing as if no one were watching.