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To: Ladyinmaille, Janet, Stitcher45, Lifestar, & Pamtanise,Carie, and others,

I just wanted to say hugs and thanks for your support. I can't talk to my dh about pain after 12 yrs. dealing with it. He dosen't want to hear it at all. period. My mom thinks my pain is due to 'mild depression' ie. in my head, even though I'm dealing with fibro plus 2 other autoimmune conditions all diagnosed. Which proves "if you don't walk a mile in anothers shoes" you don't get it. I'm going away for 4 days vacation with my dh and 4 kids to a cabin in MO (my brother-in-laws). I found a good book on reflexology in the library, so when my oldest daughter and I have had enough of walking We can try to learn it . so we can massage each others feet. It is called
"Reflexology" from the New Life Library by Rosalind Oxenford.Lorenz Books. 1997 Anness publishing.
ISBN 1 85967 342 2. the charts look good and guess what I never knew this- if your feet are too painful to work on or damaged in some way there are pressure points and 2 charts to work on your hands! There are lots of times my feet and my daughters are just too-o-o tender for words. I'll let you know how it goes.
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