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blushing dog food

I have to admit I have tryed some different dog foods on my Reggie!!! A "Tweenie Doxie" {whatever that really means,small LOL} anyways when we first got him {and had extra money }we bought when he was a puppy Eukanuba.Then we went to brands well like Kibbles and Bits. and sometimes mighty dog!!! NOW we have a second puppy,doxie long hair suppose to be mini LOL !! NOW we use Purina little bites!! and still sometimes mighty dog.I try to use a cup....I am not sure how much to fee them .....Abear93 you have a mini doxie any suggestions??
Jeannie nice dog I like the way she crosses her legs!!! I dont know about the carrots....wont they choke??? My Reggie prob would eat it whole!!!!LOL thanks for all the good reading!!!!!! lots of "PATS" to all the puppies!!!!{PTP.."pat the puppies"!!!!}
your fellow dog lover in NJ
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