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WOW, That is really strict for Kindergarten!

My son went to Kindergarten last year in Pa. He had to know the following:

Able to count to ten

Able to recite ABCs

They would like for them to be able to write their names but it isnt a requirement.

They had to be able to recognize and be able to draw a circle, a square, a triangle and a rectangle.

He went through a series of naming pictures.

He was asked to draw a picture.

And then 2 different teachers interviewed him to see if he could carry on a conversation and to see if he was prepared for school. They werent prepared for a 5 year old that could carry on a conversation like a 25 year old, lol!

Did you get this requirement list from the school that your child will be attending? If so, ask them for a list of words that he/she should know.

When I was teaching my son during the summer before he started Kindergarten, I searched the Internet for teaching sites that have sheets that you can print out.

I cant imagine that they would expect kids that age to start off knowing how to write upper and lower case letters or being able to use scissors effectively.

Good Luck to you! If you do find that list of words, please post them. Im very interested in seeing what they expect from the kids.

Karen, I forget, what part of Pa. do you live in?


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