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Kindergarten Readiness!!!

I know there is a thread of a list of what a child should know before entering kindergarten.

But, there are several things on that list that I have been informed that the children entering kindergarten in the fall of 2005, should know.

1. Cut efficiently with a scissors
2. Count to 100.
3. Able to write their name with using initial cap letter and the rest lower case. Such as Karen.
4. Recognize numbers up to 20.
5. Able to count items up to 20. (I am not sure is this rote counting)
6. Recognize all of both upper case and lower case letters of the alphabet.
7. A list of words that they should be able to recognize/read.

Has any one else heard this??

If so does anyone have this list of words? And could someone tell me where to get them and/or give them to me????

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