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Janet and others,
I wanted to let you know that I use to walk (30 minutes or 1 mile--whichever came first on the treadmill-somedays I had to go slower than others) and it DOES make a difference, it made me feel "stronger" both physically and emotionally! I had to quit suddenly because I had a severe case of the gout to come on one foot, I was doing good just to hobble to the potty! Does anyone else have any problems with gout? Anyway, now that the gout has settled down I walk the dog for a total of about 15 minutes when my husband is at work and in that *slow-paced* 15 minutes I am hurting in my back and my hips, feeling weak and hassling for breath, and I know it is just because I haven't been walking and I am now in worse shape (it doesn't help that the heat index here has been up to 115 for several days straight!) But now, I am more determined than ever to start back on the treadmill Monday~~no excuses!
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