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Originally posted by Jeannie
I must have KC Masterpiece Original to make my brisket...( Ask Abear how the brisket is.....*g*)

To anyone who has not tried Jeannie's brisket recipe - well, let's just say you'd want to knock your own Mother out of the way to get at a slice of that brisket!! (now my mouth is watering for some!)

Here's the link to her amazingly delicious brisket recipe:

Originally posted by ajrsmom
I forgot, we are Angel Soft t-paper users too.

That is what I bought until we moved here. Now it is only Scott t.p. because of having the septic tank.

Originally posted by laceykat
Dh gets bad acne breakouts with certain foods but not sure which ones, we were just curious if allergy to Sulfa drugs also transitions into a reaction against sulfa in foods? We thought maybe his breakouts are a reaction to sulfa in foods.

Though it may not be the same in all people, my older sister has a severe (septic) allergy to Sulfa drugs and eats anything she wants without problems.
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