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When we were in a first few years of homeschooling, I babysat for a neighbor, her 2 girls that weren't in school yet. For the most part things went smoothly but there were times when they wanted my daughter to play when she had worked to do. So it was sometimes a bit of a chore to get them to play in the room or basement/playroom quietly while she did her things.

Sometimes though, when I could, we included them. Or I'd give them their own 'work' to do.

I babysit another girl now, just usually 2 days a week or when PS kids have off. She is older and is fine doing something on the computer until my kids are done. Now and then, she'll ask for work to do as well.

I personally, am not sure how many kids I could watch now while homeschooling. LOL My kids are enough on some days!
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