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Morning, Janet!

I have 2 dogs, Max, 4, who is a Collie/German Shepherd & Holly, 10, who is a Border Collie/Husky mix...both are on Hills Prescription Diet, Rice & Salmon...this was strongly suggested by the vet..yes, it's more costly than others but in some ways not....before, both dogs were going poop "at least" 7 times a day!!!! Now with this food, it's perhaps 2, 3 at the very more diarrhea either which was rampant & sometimes they were having to go in the middle of the in the basement they'd go!

This food has very little "filler" & that's what was making them go to the bathroom so much, hard on their bodies too...they luv the food, it's a dry food..& if I run out occasionly, I just mix up a batch of rice & mix in some canned salmon! lol

Hope all this helps, but perhaps the best source for your dog would be your own vet!! Hugs...Jacquie
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