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My 10 yr old son is Developmentally Delayed. He likes routine and to have things just so. When I've been shopping, he insists on putting things back where they belong. I always wondered if he was Autistic but he was checked and isn't.

He is in a special class at school. He doesn't speak well and because of it most people think he is younger than he is. He gets therapy at school for speech and occupation. His teacher is a young teacher and has expected more out of him than any other teacher he's had in the past so he is learning a lot.

He also has had seizures for the past 6 yrs. The seizures are called "Absence." While having the seizures, he spaces out. Usually it lasts a few minutes and he becomes conscience again. But sometimes he doesn't and we have to rush him to the Emergency Room. We've been told that he may outgrow the seizures. We hope and pray that will happen.

We just take it one day at a time.
;-) AuntieKLE ;-)
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