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My nephew, as well as my former brother in law, both middle school students, have Autism. They both function very well but each have their own traits that seem to affect them "more'. They are alike in some ways but quite different in others. I also have a friend whose young son with Autism was in my youngest boy's Headstart class. My youngest son was born with developmental delays and we were concerned about the heavy genetic factor of both sides of our family having a close relative with Autism, but he was declared to only have global developmental delays with a sensory problem. He was diagnosed at 2. Now as a 5 and a half year old getting ready to graduate kindergarten, he is catching up fast -- only gets a small amount of extra specialized instruction during mainstreamed class, and has Speech therapy weekly with his Occupational therapy has dropped to once monthly. He is just doing great! Autism has touched our family in many ways, both with our members and as something we are always aware of...because perhaps if we hadn't been looking for it, we may have not caught the delays early enough to make the dramatic differences we are seeing now.


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