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The only time I ever was around someone that had Autism, was when I used to work around mentally challenged ladies at a care-home where I worked once. She was most definitely in her own little world, but she loved to communicate through pictures to tell her care-giver what mood she was in that day, or whether she wanted a snack, something to eat or drink, etc. When she was angry though, she had a terrible temper, and she would lash out by biting herself, or very possibly, the person who was taking care of her. When she would be like that, the only thing we could do was to hold her arms down (or try to), and speak to her calmly. I think the thing that stressed her out was that they rotated the workers every week, so that different people would be taking care of different ladies, and this particular lady with the autism would get "attached" to her caregiver, and I think it upset her when a different caregiver would be taking care of her that week. When they say "actions speak louder than words," this lady couldn't speak a single word, but her actions communicated very well.
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