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Hi Amanda,

THANK YOU SO MUCH! Between you, and Sue, my wish has come true. Oh Happy day! !

And,Sue, again I thank you. I honestly felt there might be some interest in this forum. Surely, I'm not the only one who does this.

Autumnmum--Sweetcakes--I love you to pieces. Yea, you are my young 'un!

Amanda, I am going to take some new snaps of some of the houses soon, and when I get them developed, if you like, I can send them to you to post. Okay?

I buy them at a craft store, unpainted,of course, and buy the water-based paints there also. Somtimes they all are on sale, but usually they are about $5.95 each, sometimes less. I have seen them all painted and at near the cost of the unpainted ones, but I began with the unpainted ones to have something to do with my time.--Retirement in my case is for the birds, and I was climbing the walls! I can spend HOURS doing it without realizing the time passing. Have gone without thinking of food, too, which was a plus for me. I turn on the TV, and listen, or a tape of music like, and go to it.

I cover the top of my card table with plastic, and tape it down all around, put my supplies on top, have two oleo containers of water nearby to rinse brushes, then pick a house, and decide on colors I want, and off I go. First, though, I use a nailfile to smooth the inside edges of all the windows and openings. The plaster houses are easiest to do, because the paint sinks in right away, and is dry while you do another part. Ceramics are different, because they don't dry right away, and so I have two or three I begin all at once. I do part of one,let it sit to dry, then move down the line the same way.

Since being on web, and F.C., I haven't had time to do any, but will have to do some soon. I miss them! --Have 39 ceramic ones sitting in a large plastic box, waiting for me.

I also date them on the bottoms with black magic marker.


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