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Hey, 64!

My boy will be 3 on Halloween, and I am due on January 6th. So far, this pregnancy has gone well, but I know a lot of people right now that are having trouble.

1.) Dawn was bedridden the whole pregnancy with placental previa. She did have the baby and the baby is fine.

2.) Joan went into premature labor 6 weeks before the due date, and her pregnancy was great until then.

3.) Kenda delivered 3 MONTHS early, and her son is in a neonatal unit now.

4.) Chito is due in 3 months, but all of a sudden had a racing heartbeat and was hospitalized for 2 days under medication to slow down her heart rate and stop her contractions. Another one with a great pregnancy until then.

5.) Nancy is due next month and has fibroids, gestational diabetes and placental previa.

6.) Christen is bedridden because she has had cervical cancer and she found out she was pregnant when she went in for a hysterectomy for endometriosis.

7.) And the last person I know who is pregnant right now, Michelle. Hers is going well despite she has one son with spina bifida and another that is allergic to everything.

So, I am comforted in the fact that I am pregnant, but when everyone I know that is pregnant is having trouble (except one), just shows me how you just don't know until the very end.
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