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Hi ajrsmom,

I wish I could send pictures of my houses, but this is only a webtv keyboard, and one can't do with this that which can be done on a regular computer. I wish I could, though.

I began painting these small houses after seeing some on display in Texas when my cousin took me to a mall at Christmas time. I just fell in love with them. I can't think of how many I have painted. I have given some away, but have a whole cabinet full of them that I keep. As I collected them I began to wonder where I was going to keep them without their getting dusty (I HATE dusting!), and when in a K-Mart, or Walmart one day long ago, I saw a glass-doored cabinet with shelves, and bought it on the spot.

I often take a lot of them out at Christmas time, and set things up on my dining room table. I use those little colored blinking lights to stand the houses over so it lights up the windows. As time went on I have collected small figurines, and fir trees, a small battery-powered train, and make a small village, with a skating pond made out of aluminum foil, sprayed with a little snow. I even use smallish twigs I pick up in the yard to make it look like they are bare trees, and spray snow on them to stand in the cotton base used for snow. Also stand things under our table-top tree the same way. We have an imitation white tree which we have used for over 20 years, When Christmas is over the tree gets put into a large plastic bag on its stand, and another plastic bag put over the top, and secured with twisties. Then it goes into the garage attic until next time. So simple!

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