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64squares, answer about MCTD. My oldest started out with symptoms similar to lupus fevers,soreness and stiffness( she was prone to staph infections and severe reoccuring throats though that may or may not have been related.) Plus plenty of fatigue. A classic butterfly rash. Stomach and digestive problems.
Ulsers in her mouth. Severe light sensitivity she had to wear dark glasses when outside. Still does. It progressed to a 3 yr. battle with of the inflamation of the iris and soft tissues of the eye. She was under professional eye care. At one time she could not focus with her left eye at all, and the the pupil was permantly dialated for 6 months at a time would subside and get inflammed again. Though eventually that eye calmed down the same thing happened with her right eye though not as severe and luckly not at the same time it hasen't re occured for 3 and 1/2 yrs. no but has left her with permanent light sensitivity in both eyes and she has problems with her left eye. As far as the hip problems go it's way beyond just stiffness and soreness, her hips sometimes dislocate so do her ankles she has to wear high top leather work boots to give her feet and ankles some support.She can sit down at work some so that helps. At work she is a professional framer, she had her EMT-B in CO. And was a First-Responder in H.S. But physically it proved to be too much for her condition at this time. She wants to go to nursing school and be a critical care nurse the ones who work in evacuation settings in helicopters. Even with the medical problems I think she might just make it she is pretty tough.

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