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How Did you Get your Name


I was thinking,,,,, I love reading what people post. The reason my name came about is because I work a home-based-business. I love telling others about it.

I have a 5 and 2 yr. old boys...... (FULL OF ENERGY) and mischief. I am a single mom and work nights in a hospital.

There are sooooooo many dangerous things out there.

ONe thing I can't stand is How NOBODY acknowledges Moms that are home? YOu hear several or I have say that You have it easy.

I understand where moms come from because it is a full time job. One thing we can say is this, " WE didn't have to hear from someone else that "OUR" little ones took their first steps or said their first words today."

RIGHT? You all agree? I know I wouldn't take nothing for that. I am very fortunate. I know you all are too.

Please....... Those of you that have my email, Send me an email and I would love to hear from you.


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