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Thank you! Yes, he is very intelligent and thinks he's in charge. I get a lot of those teenage-son looks from him, when he's done something or other and doesn't understand why I have a problem with it.... "WHAT???"

Rao followed my son home one day, he was maybe 4 mo old at the time. Rao, not Drew. I am a cat person, hubby is not. When Drew wanted to keep this kitten, I told him, "Daddy is the one you need to convince, not me." But when DH got home and heard about it and say Rao, he asked "So what are you going to name him?"

Turns out, when DH was growing up, his parents let the kids pick out a kitten, and DH wanted the marmalade tabby... and his little brother wanted "the one with the purple ribbon 'round its neck." DH didn't get the kitten HE wanted.

Rao has these sort of "frosted" ears, a halo of dark fur that I've never seen the likes of before!

We have a few differences of opinion, Rao and I. He thinks he deserves a breakfast of canned food the second I wake up, and I think it can wait a bit and be mixed with dry. He thinks that clawing the back of my wheelchair is a reasonable way to communicate that he wants the food or to be let outside NOW, and I do not. And he thinks that crawling the length of the sofa on the floor, paw over paw, is a reasonable way to travel, and i think that is reason for a watergun-spraying.

Rao is a "man's cat." He comes to check out all visitors, but he stops and hangs out with men. His favorites are ones who have tool belts. When my son-in-law came over and tore up/rebuilt my bathroom to make it wheelchair-accessable, Rao sat and WATCHED the entire time, every day.

Rao is moving out in a few months. :-(

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