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I totally understand! I have a thread going right now under "kitchen and dining room decoration" about "crackle painting kitchen cabinets and wallpapering over paneling". I am re-doing my tiny kitchen (only countertop is big enough for dish drain board--other than that it is the tops of my washer and dryer!), just wall and /or cabinet surfaces. I have come up with so many ideas--just crackle paint the cabinets. . .no, spatter paint the cabinets. . .leave the cabinets as is and paint the paneling, etc. etc. Today I just started in--I am starting to wallpaper over all the paneling in the kitchen, and then we will see about the cabinets after that. I am very pleased so far!

Eventually you will come up with something that you are sure enough about to at least start, and you will be very pleased with the results!! I need to take pics of what I have done so far also, to post on my thread! I would love to see pics of yours when you finish, too! --Rebecca
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