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OK, I reduced it 50% in both directions, let's see if that does it! This is Rao, who like I said, is Montgomery's twin. He is funny and quirky, and has a lot of personality. He got his name because of two things: one, he is a chatterbox and is always going rao RAO RAOOOO (rhymes with Cow). And the other is that when we first rescued him as a kitten, I was telling a friend of my daughter's, a cat nut who was away at college and studying Chinese. She told me that in Chinese, there is a saying that you can easily turn your mother into a horse... the slightest change in intonation changes the meaning of a word, and we anglo's wouldn't be able to tell the word for mother from the word for horse. She thought "rao" is probably a chinese word and when she looked it up, told that there are 4 meanings for rao, depending on the tonal inflection you use. One is "charming and attractive." That fits! The second is "entwining," like what he does to your feet while you're trying to cook dinner. The third is "annoying and distracting" (nuff said!). And the 4th is "whiskers or stubble." Now how cool is that!?

P.S. I hope the pic uploads this time!
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