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More suggestions...

You can also try

But before you do, make sure you go to - they often have free shipping or discount codes posted for Blair. I know that some of the Blair mailers that come in the mail or are found in magazines have stuff that looks kinda "old-ladyish", but their website has some pretty nice things at decent prices, and they do a lot of mix and match stuff as well.

I agree with the above posts about Goodwill, Sally Ann and consignment shops. Do you have a Value Village or Savers in your area? Even thrift stores can be great for adding pieces to your wardrobe on a budget. As for Wal-Mart, they're a GREAT resource for accessories that don't break the bank!!! Above all, BE COMFORTABLE!!! You may look completely conservative and just what the office was looking for but if you're not comfortable, it can interfere with your work! Best of luck to you in your return to the working world!!
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