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I think I'm going to look into this rebate thing again--I usually just use the occassional one I get with something I usually buy anyway. But getting free stuff is so much fun!!

We do a lot of shopping at GFS--I always buy the huge bag of pepperoni for pizzas and pepperoni chips. I also make "pizza dunkers" for the kids to take to school(pizza dough with mozzarella and pepperoni mixed in, made in the bread machine, then made like drop biscuits. Served with pizza sauce for dunking!) I buy all my salad stuff there, too. And the huge cans of crushed tomatoes for making my own pizza sauce and marinara. It's a lot to spend at one time, but it's all industrial-sized items so they last forever lol!!

Lee, I agree with Barbzy--write and call the doctor. Your kid shouldn't have to suffer because his assistant is a self-proclaimed twit!! Just let him know you are ready to change doctors, and maybe point out that should an incident such as this reoccur, you can speak to a lawyer as well. I'm sure you'll have a case if the idiot that works for him is forgetting to call prescriptions in--I'm sure you're not the only one it's happened to!!

Umm--I forgot who asked about the blueberry bushes. I have several--they are easy to grow and maintain. If you spend a few dollars extra, you can buy thornless bushes--way easier on the kids lol!! I have to laugh every summer--kids are constantly sneaking into my yard to get the berries I grow, you should see them bolt when I come out the door!! We know most of them, and they know we don't mind. I just tell them to knock on the door and let me know they're picking berries so I don't wind up calling the cops on "intruders." I have a few "feel-good" moments due to my garden--there is an elderly lady a few blocks away that would sneak into my garden(behind the garage) with her grandson and pick veggies and berries and grapes. Never cleaned us out, but I keep a watchful eye on my goodies and knew someone was taking them. Turns out she is pretty much dirt-poor and had resorted to stealing food to feed herself and her grandson. I felt awful for her, so when I finally "caught "them I told her she could come anytime, even during daylight, and pick veggies. I told her teaching her grandson to steal was not a good idea at all, and we have an overabundance of veggies, anyway. Lol--she makes me batches of the BEST stuffed grape leaves you could hope for. I'm so glad I could help her out without embarrassing her. I found out she had snagged a few of my catfish, too, but that was okay since I didn't expect them to breed--they're in barrels for Christ's sake lol!! They would have died before I could get them in the freezer, anyway.

Back on topic--frugal this week: walking ds1 to school because I have no gas in my car, plus it's been nice and I need the excercise. Using the bits of leftovers to put together lunches for dh to take to work, as well as freezing sandwiches for the kids' lunches so I'm not tempted to spend $2 on hot lunch because I'm too lazy to make a box lunch. Tossed both boys into the tub together to try to cut back on the water bill--they had a ball. And am doing another pantry challenge--seems dh hasn't paid the gas bill for a few months and it's scheduled to be shut off unless he pays it tonight. It's high enough to take his whole check. Then I got the electric bill, also not paid in forever, which will take next week's check. I cannot wait for the day when I can stock my pantry and keep it stocked. These "emergencies" are coming to close together these days!!