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What Anna said all the way. I think it was so rude the way she talked to you. I had a person in my sons old dentist office (before we had insurance) tell me that instead of making payments I needed to beg borrow or steal the money to pay them. We never went back there and I got a letter from the dentist in apology, but since he wasn't willing to get rid of the rude person I never took the kids back there. Even after we got insurance.

Barb, gosh how awful. Call the store. If that doesn't work call corp. headquarters.

Nothing going on here. JUst staying home. I have to go to town tomorrow. Mom has a Dr. Appointment. And then we are going to pick up the cake. Then when DH gets home from school we will go finish up shopping for DD birthday. So it will not be a frugal day tomorrow.
Today is DS last day of school. He was so mad when he found out that his sister gets two more days of spring break then he does. He got over it though. The scamp.

I am going to scrub the house today. Get it ready for the party. One of DS friends told me the other day that my house was so clean. Not according to DH .

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