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I love it! I really think I will be changing doctors, however I will take Josh for his 15th month and Evan for his 4 yrold checkup. The only reason is that our insurance will be invalid come this May, so either if dh gets a job soon or I get them on healthykids I will find a new one. I am just afraid it would be a mess with paperwork if I changed this late in the game as much as that burns me up!

I have to laugh dh went to the store this morning for milk (I swear that stuff goes fast around here) anyway he found a perfectly good stamp in the parking lot, he had emailed a company and decided before this to send a hardcopy of his resume as well. Anyway he said maybe its a sign to use that stamp! Were reaching for anything at this point. I didnt think it would be this hard for him to even get a interview. Its unfortunate that he doesnt have a college degree but I would think expierence would account for something! One way or another my kids will attend college! You just cant afford not to anymore.