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I would call the store up and ask to speak to a manager! They may just ask you to bring in the receipt instead of the yukky milk! Or if you paid with your bank card they will just refund over the phone. If that fails then I would wait until tommorow and take in the yukky stuff. I dont blame you for being upset!
How much are the eggs you get at Sams? I got 2 18 pks for 2.00 at Costco!
Have to add to my rant in my last post, this is the same girl that when Josh was getting his shots at 4 months she called after our appoinment, called herself a twit again and informed us she forget to give him one of the doses and we would have to come back in the next day. I think this girl is in the wrong profession!!
Are all the kiddos sick now? I told the other parents about Joshs eye but no one offered to keep their child home, it was probaly already contagious anyway before I realized what it was! Just being extra careful about the baby touching the same stuff as everyone else and each other! Washing washing washing hands!
I do that anyway but even more so the last couple of days.