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It looks great in here now, the living room looks so big

I have worked on this house since we moved in-(renting). I've painted the walls in the living room and bathroom, tiled the hallway and laundry room, ripped up the carpet in my room-(had to paint it cause the floor wasn't so nice), and now the living room. I bleached the living room tile floor and it looks so bright and wonderful and plus living here we have a huge flea problem in this area and I had to pay $150 for Terminex to come spray for fleas that were coming in on our clothes from outside. We don't have any pets but hamsters and so now I won't have to worry about it and I can get rid of my useless cheap vaccum that never worked too.

The only rooms left to do, if I decide to do it is dd's room and the huge walk-in closest that's big enough to be a separate room. Underneath is painted wood but I am not quite sure if I want to remove that yet. Usually if something bugs me for awhile I'll do it and so far I haven't thought too much about it. So, we shall see...I may just leave hers alone.

But, I should've known I wouldn't relax on my vacation. I never do...I still have a few days left so maybe I will actaully sit my behind down for more than a minute...LOL!