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Yours sounds like the one I have, it was my mother's and is really old, but still works. I'm not sure about the settings, but this is how I use mine... I take a frozen roast (almost every Sunday) put it in the Crock Pot on high with maybe a 1/2 c. of water. Once the outside of the meat begins to thaw I sprinkle a pkg. of dry onion soup over it. Then depending on the size of the roast I turn it down in the afternoon and through in some baby carrots about 3 hr. before supper. The really great thing about Crock Pots is you can eat when you are ready and not at a specific time.

My favoriate chicken Crock Pot is chicken, either whole or boneless pieces, enough for the family. Then pour a can of chicken broth over it and a pkg. of dry onion soup mix and let her cook till dinner. Serve over rice, noodles or plain. The broth makes great gravy too!;-)
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